Tom Forbes takes over the ethics reigns from PAAT President and Founder Jack Gullahorn;
Gullahorn will remain a senior advisor and board member

The Professional Advocacy Association of Texas (PAAT) today announced that Tom Forbes is replacing Jack Gullahorn as PAAT President and General Counsel.

Statement by Jack Gullahorn:

Tom Forbes is the right person to lead PAAT at this critical time in the future of our profession. Many know Tom from the many activities in which he has been involved, including his administrative law and lobby work with state government for decades, his DC advocacy work for clients at the Congressional level, his work for the State Bar and his law firm of Kemp Smith LLP, and for the many non profits and volunteer organizations where he has donated his skills and time over the years. He represents everything that PAAT stands for in terms of ethics, advocacy and honor.

I started PAAT in 2002 with the mission of increasing professionalism, integrity and ethical standards of the lobbying profession. That has been our core objective, as we have continually provided our membership with the information to best adhere to the laws that govern our profession. I am excited to take on a new advisory role to assist Tom and our organization as we continue to foster our critical mission, and know Tom’s leadership will help us take the next step to a more relevant support role for the Texas lobby and government affairs community in this challenging time.

Read Gullahorn’s letter to PAAT Members:

Statement by Tom Forbes:

It is exciting and somewhat daunting to follow Jack Gullahorn as President of PAAT. Jack’s foresight and leadership beginning 15 years ago has resulted in a strong organization that is known for promoting ethical practice and public access to the legislative and administrative process. I am honored to have been asked by Jack and the PAAT Board to take this on. I have known, admired and respected all of the PAAT leadership for many years and this expression of confidence from them makes this even more meaningful for me. I am especially pleased that Jack is merely moving to a different role in the leadership of our organization and I look forward to working closely with him. We are all excited about expanding PAAT’s membership and offering valuable new programs and services to our members.


About the Professional Advocacy Association of Texas

The Professional Advocacy Association of Texas (PAAT) is Texas’s only recognized statewide group for the lobby community. PAAT’s membership is composed of registered Texas lobbyists and entities that employ Texas lobbyists. PAAT’s mission is to improve understanding and compliance with Texas lobbyist laws and regulations while raising the ethical bar for the lobbying profession and for government affairs practices overall.

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