Texas Ethics Commission Workshop and Meeting

This morning (September 27, 2017)  the Texas Ethics Commission will hold a Workshop and consider rule making relating to the Sworn Complaint and Preliminary Review process. The Commission will also hold a briefing, discussion and possible action on the Formal Hearing process. You may link to the agenda and video of today’s meeting below:
Also notice that the Commission holds its bi-monthly meeting tomorrow and the agenda includes the following:
  • Possible adoption of rules relating to political expenditures to vendors;
  • Possible proposal of rules relating to in-kind contributions to candidates, officeholders and political committees;
  • Discussion regarding surveys to determine level of local filer compliance, including Form 1295 compliance;
  • Discussion regarding an amendment to Form 1295, Disclosure of Interested Parties, in accordance with SB 255 from the regular session; and
  • Discussion regarding filer ability to perform “error check” in the campaign finance reporting application.
You may link to the agenda and video of tomorrow’s meeting below:

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