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Craig P. Chick, a principal of Capitol Partners Consulting, has been involved in Texas politics for over 17 years as a senior adviser in the House and Senate on a variety of topics ranging from economic development, employment, environmental regulation, electric generation & transmission, housing, immigration, workforce, property rights, real estate and transportation.

Chick has extensive expertise in the sunset advisory process, drafting legislation, authoring interim reports, and directing political campaigns.  He is known as one of the most honest voices in Texas politics and is well regarded by Republicans and Democrats.  He has a reputation for diffusing highly charged situations, distilling them down to the key issues and skillfully resolving them.

Chick is unique among legislative consultants because of his rare combination of expertise in the internal procedures and parliamentary procedures of both the House and Senate.  His relationships and reputation combined with his procedural expertise are at the core of what differentiates him.

Among Chick’s successes, he is most proud of the following accomplishments:

  • Served as the lead house staffer for Senate Bill 89, the comprehensive rewrite of the state annexation laws that became the largest rewrite of the local government code in 40 years.
  • Directed issue campaign and lobby activities directed at defeating a mandatory point of sale ordinance requiring property owners in Austin to invest 1% of sales price on energy efficiency items.
  • Directed 2007  “Prop 6” statewide constitutional amendment campaign providing $58M tax exemption for Texas REALTORS®
  • Championed a 10 piece legislative agenda with 100% passage, without a dissenting vote, during the 80th Session as a lobbyist for the Texas real estate industry.

Prior to opening CPC, Craig served as the Senior Business & Regulatory Advisor to Speaker Joe Straus from 2009-2012 during the 81st and 82nd legislative sessions.  Chick handled business and regulator policy issues and monitored the following committees:

  • Committee on Business & Industry
  • Economic & Small Business Development
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Energy Resources
  • Government Efficiency & Reform
  • State Affairs
  • Transportation
  • Technology
  • Urban Affairs

During the two regular sessions Chick tracked over 1,300 of the 7,600 bills filed and advised the Speaker and other House members on legislation related to a variety of topic ranging from electric generation, transmission, economic development, workforce, employment, housing, immigration, property rights and transportation.

Prior to his work in the Speaker’s office, Chick represented the largest profession trade association in Texas with over 90,000 members—Texas Association of REALTORS.  As the director of political affairs, Chick assisted with legislation brought before the Texas Legislature that affects the real estate industry and the rights of private-property owners in the state.  With an emphasis on campaigns, Chick oversaw the legislative activities of the state association and the Regional Field Representatives program, a governmental affairs initiative aimed at increasing Texas Realtors’ grassroots participation in local and state politics.  During the 80th Session, he championed a 10 piece legislative agenda with 100% passage, without a dissenting vote.

Having served as senior policy adviser for state Sen. Kyle Janek of Houston, from 2002 to 2004, Chick directed all research and legislation relating to state appropriations, insurance, land use, and government reform.

Chick served six years as chief clerk for state Rep. Fred Bosse of Houston, on both the Committee on Land and Resource Management and the Committee on Civil Practices. Chick directed policy in the areas of tort litigation, land use, natural resources, coastal issues, and government reorganization projects involving the Sunset Advisory Commission.  He was also lead staffer on Senate Bill 89, the largest rewrite of municipal annexation law in more than 40 years.

Raised in Eastland, a small city in west Texas, Craig Chick holds a bachelor’s degree in government from the University of Texas – Austin. His expertise in politics and legislative policy are key components to his overall success in Texas politics.

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