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John Hildreth IssueLink
The Honorable Gerald Hill Seton HealthCare
Jim Hine Public Policy Solutions
Dan Hinkle

Dan Hinkle is a proven advocate for his clients. His 20+ years of government affairs experience combined with his engineering and legal background provides his clients with a unique advocate for their interests. He has lobbied on a broad array of issues

Steve Holzheauser Office of Steve Holzheauser
Jay Howard HillCo Partners LLC

Jay is a lobbyist with HillCo Partners and specializes in water, business, and regulatory issues.

Kathy Hutto Jackson Walker, LLP

A non-attorney lobbyist in the Governmental Affairs section of Jackson Walker, Hutto provides regulatory consulting as well as lobbying services to her clients. Her primary areas of practice include, but are not limited to, health care and educational iss

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Deborah Ingersoll Legislative Solutions

This Lobbyist and Entrepreneur brings more than 15 years experience in professional advocacy and research innovation. Ingersoll specializes in percise timing and execution. She excells at refining your issues, creating a clear understanding of the objec

Carol Jarratt JW assistant
Bill Jones Vinson & Elkins, LLP

Bill focuses primarily on public law. Bill\'s experience in public law includes three years as General Counsel to the Office of the Governor for Governor Rick Perry and advising on all state law matters, including legislation, state contracts, litig

Neal T. Jones HillCo Partners LLC

Consistently ranked by members of the Texas Legislature, the media and fellow lobby colleagues as one of the most effective government affairs consultants in Texas. A former state representative, he formed Austin-based HillCo Partners in 1985.

Walt Jordan Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC
Lara Laneri Keel The Texas Lobby Group
Rusty Kelley Blackridge

Rusty Kelly represents clients' business interests before state legislators, regulators and other elected officials. Kelley has more than 30 years of experience in Texas politics.

Sandy Kress Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP

Partner in the public law and policy and technology practice groups, Kress has a distinguished career in education. Appointed by then Gov. George W. Bush to the Education Commission of the States, and served as senior advisor to President Bush on Educatio

Deanna L. Kuykendall

Opened private lobby practice after more than 10 years' experience advocating on behalf of one of the state's largest electric utilities, including for passage of electric industry deregulation. Offers clients legislative advocacy, legislative a

Dale Laine Texas Cable & Telecommunications Association
Ron Lewis

Former House member, served 1985-2002. Chaired Energy Resources and Natural Resources committees and, among others, served on the powerful Appropriations and Calendars committees. Held several gubernatorial-appointed positions.

Judith A. Lindquist H.E. Butt Grocery Company
H. Lee Loftis, Jr. Independent Insurance Agents of Texas
Vilma Luna HillCo Partners LLC

Prior to retiring from the Texas House, Representative Luna served as Vice-Chair of the House Appropriations Committee and as a member of the House Calendars Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee and the Legislative Budget Board. She was an integ

Toni Luttrell Blackridge
Clem Maddox Comcast
Mark Malone
Meredith Marks Public Strategies, Inc.
David Marwitz Capitol Alliance Public Affairs
Pati McCandless GreenbergTraurig
J. McCartt HillCo Partners LLC
Demetrius McDaniel GreenbergTraurig

Partner in public law and policy practice group. Has extensive legislative experience. Represents clients on state and local law, administrative agency rules and procedures. Counsels clients on strategy and issue development; drafts legislation and rules.

Carol McGarah Blackridge

Represents clients before state agencies, legislatures and members of Congress on an array of legislative issues. Extensive legislative experience, including having worked on groundbreaking water legislation.

Mignon McGarry

McGarry, an effective strategist and consultant since 1987, has been recognized by Texas Monthly and the Austin American Statesman as one of the most effective lobbyists in Texas.

Dean McWilliams McWilliams Government Affairs Consultants

Texas-born, Austin-based, and nationally recognized, governmental affairs specialist Dean McWilliams’ lobbying, campaigning and fundraising skills are drawn from his twenty years experience working in the Texas Legislature.

Andrew McWilliams McWilliams Government Affairs Consultants

Lobbyist and political fundraiser Andrea McWilliams is a skilled strategist, combining grace with grit and patience with persuasion. Known for her meticulous attention to detail, McWilliams brings her unique expertise to every issue she engages, drawing o

Catherine Mears
Yuniedth Midence Locke, Liddell & Sapp, LLP

Consultant in areas of legislative issues, providing policy information to clients, advocating clients' positions regarding legislative priorities and maintaining relationships with elected officials, agency representatives and staff.

William Miller HillCo Partners LLC
Robert Miller Locke, Liddell & Sapp, LLP

Chairs the Public Law Section of Locke Liddell & Sapp, which the Texas Lawyer ranked in 2003 as having the largest government relations practice in Texas among law firms. Miller previously chaired the Board of Houston METRO and served as a legislativ

Lynn Moak Moak, Casey & Associates LLP
Sandy Monzingo The Schlueter Group