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PAAT Members

We appreciate your strong support of PAAT and our mission of creating an organization that:

  • represents the interests of the lobby at the Texas Legislature;
  • represents the interests of the lobby at the Texas Ethics Commission;
  • provides a clear understanding of the ethics laws and rules in Texas;
  • creates ethics education opportunities for the lobby and government affairs community; and
  • promotes a positive perception of the lobby profession and underscores the importance of our industry in the legislative process.

Ethics issues have been front and center at the Capitol and in the media for the past year, and, we do not foresee this focus shifting any time soon for several reasons:

  • Although the Ethics Commission Sunset legislation was vetoed last session, legislation did pass that establishes an interim committee to discuss ethics related issues;
  • The Ethics Commission is undergoing a transformation that could take it in a new direction of focus on the lobby and reporting. The current Commission has already adopted (and is still proposing) new reporting and complaint procedures. The Executive Director resigned. The General Counsel left at the end of October. There has been a new “Director of Enforcement” hired. And there has been significant turnover among the Commission attorneys and staff members in the last 6 months;
  • The first formal hearing in the Commission’s 20 year history on a complaint of failure to register as a lobbyist has been scheduled, setting the stage for (undoubtedly) an appeal to the courts; and
  • The 2014 election season will include both candidate ethics reform policy proposals, as well as increased interest in lobby and campaign related activities and reporting.

As we move ahead, we value your feedback. Click here to let us know what kinds of information or member benefits you would like to have moving forward.

Thank you for your support of PAAT. Together we can continue to make the Texas ethics and lobby environment the best in the country. Please contact us if you have any questions.