Speaker Joe Straus

Joe Straus is the Speaker of the Texas House and a State Representative from San Antonio. Through five terms as the House’s presiding officer, Speaker Straus has focused on providing thoughtful and lasting solutions to the most serious challenges facing this fast-growing state.

Under the leadership of Speaker Straus, the Texas House has strengthened career readiness in public schools, put more universities on the path to Tier One status, provided long-needed funding for the State Water Plan, directed billions of new dollars toward transportation, and balanced every state budget. Speaker Straus has also put a focus on issues such as improving mental health care, protecting children from abuse, and ensuring that students receive the special education services to which they are entitled.

Speaker Straus has been widely recognized for his mature, inclusive approach to governing. The Dallas Morning News named him the 2017 “Texan of the Year.” In addition, Speaker Straus recently received the Levenson Family Defender of Democracy Award from the Anti-Defamation League for the strong stand he took against the Trump administration’s family-separation policy. He has also been recognized for his leadership by educators, mental health professionals, law enforcement, and the business community, among others.

Speaker Straus is a fifth-generation Texan and a San Antonio native who served in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He and his wife, Julie, live in San Antonio and have two adult daughters.