Texas Ethics Laws & Rules

Statutes Listed by Citation

Key Lobby / Campaign:

Lobby Restrictions and Disclosure Requirements, Ch. 305, Gov’t Code (PDF) (HTML)

Campaign Finance Restrictions and Reporting Requirements, Title 15, Elec. Code (PDF) (HTML)

Representation Before State Agencies, Ch. 2004, Gov’t Code (PDF) (HTML)

Texas Ethics Commission, Ch. 571, Gov’t Code (PDF) (HTML)

Commission Rules, Regulation of Lobbyists, Chapter 34 (PDF) (HTML)

Offenses Against Public Administration, Chs. 36 & 39, Penal Code (PDF) (HTML)


Conflict of Interest Provisions and Standards of Conduct for State Officers and Employees, Ch. 572, Gov’t Code (PDF) (HTML)

Conflicts of Interest In Certain Transactions (involving the Texas Facilities Commission), Sec. 2152.064, Gov’t Code (HTML)

Conflict of Interest (involving the Office of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts), Sec. 2155.003, Gov’t Code (HTML)

Revolving Door Law Applicable to Certain State Officers and Employees, Ch. 572, Gov’t Code (PDF) (HTML)

Personal Financial Disclosure:

Requirements for State Officers, Ch. 572, Gov’t Code (PDF)(HTML)

Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives:

Campaign Regulations, Ch. 302, Gov’t Code (PDF) (HTML)